Video: Creating Dialogs with jQuery

by Jason Gilmore

Learn how to create a variety of powerful and visually appealing dialog windows using jQuery.

The jQuery dialog component allows you to create all kinds of dialog interfaces, one of the most commonly used design elements in software. With a history dating back to the very first UI-driven applications, today's dialogs are commonly used within cutting-edge web applications.

Most notably, you'll often encounter the informational dialog, which is often used to provide the user with supplementary site information such as the privacy or purchase policy, and the modal dialog, which forces the user to respond to a prompt before interacting further with the site.

In this 10-minute screencast, Founder of EasyPHPWebsites.com Jason Gilmore demonstrates how to create both types of dialogs using jQuery's dialog component.

View the entire 10-minute video tutorial at Internet.com/Video:
Creating Dialogs with jQuery

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 31st 2010
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