Stop Me Before I Rev Again!

by Joe Brockmeier

The rapid release cycle of Linux distributions is a major stumbling block to wide acceptance of Linux as a consumer operating system.

I've been involved with Linux for nearly five years now, first as an end user, then through my involvement with a business that sold Linux through traditional and non-traditional retail channels, and finally as an author and editor.


Punishing the Publishers

One of the things that helps to grow the Linux user base is the availability of books about Linux and related technologies. The first question many people have when they become interested in Linux is, &quo

A Shining Example

Oddly enough, the least commercial distribution has the most compelling model for commercial sale.

Debian GNU/Linux produces official revisions very slowly, and in their own time. They're not driven by a desi

This article was originally published on Monday Nov 20th 2000
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