KDE 2 - Introduction

by Christopher Molnar

Just picked up the latest version of Linux-Mandrake 7.2? Let Christopher Molnar, MandrakeSofts North American training coordinator, give you an insiders look at what you can do with KDE.

Congratulations! You have just updated to Linux-Mandrake 7.2 from MandrakeSoft Inc. (Sorry, I have to be a little prejudiced here, I'm a MandrakeSoft employee). For those who don't choose to read the manualyou know who you arean easy opti

Figuring Out the File Manager

Let's look back to the kicker toolbar at the bottom of your desktop. You see the icon that looks like a little house? That's not a house, that's your home. Go ahead and click on it to enter the file
This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 19th 2000
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