Mandrake version 7.2 Admin Tools

by Christopher Molnar

Mandrake is about to release version 7.2 of it's Linux software. Along with the MandrakeSoft release, comes a suite of Administration tools specifically designed to make the users life easier. Take a guided tour of these tools with Christopher Molnar, Man

This article is based on Mandrake 7.2 which is currently in a prerelease state, but is not available in the stores at this time. By the time you see this article, or shortly after, you will be able to purchase Mandrake 7.2 or download the

The next icon in the DrakConf series is the Internet Connection sharing tool. The Internet connection sharing tools will help you set up the routing and ipchains on your machine to allow it to act as a router for other machines on your ne

Next on our list of tools is Menu Editor. This tool when loading will first display a message that it is collecting all of your menu choices:

And then it will display another window that will show you your menu structure and allow you

This article was originally published on Friday Nov 17th 2000
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