60 Great Open Source Products for the Developer's Toolbox

by Glen Kunene

Even if you think you know all the great open source developer tools out there, you're bound to make a discovery or two on this list.

Among the thousands of open source developer tools available -- for key development tasks such as bugtracking, compiling, distributed computing, and version control -- a relative few have managed to distinguish themselves as the best and most popular. To help you sift through all the available options, Datamation.com has published a list of 60 great open source developer tools, conveniently arranged into categories and listed in alphabetical order.

In terms of operating systems supported, they write:

Many of these open source developer tools run on a wide range of OSes. In some cases, they support more than a hundred different platforms. For the sake of keeping the list short and readable, we noted whether each developer tool supports the big three -- Windows, Linux and OS X. If you want to know whether a particular tool will run on Solaris or FreeBSD or another platform, you can click the link to check its Web site.

Even if you're an experienced, informed open source developer tool user, you're bound to make a discovery or two on this list.

Read the full story at Datamation.com:
60 Great Open Source Developer Tools

This article was originally published on Monday Sep 27th 2010
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