56 Mature Open Source Alternatives to Popular Web Development Tools

by Glen Kunene

These 56 open source Web development tools can capably replace the commercial tools you use for content management, coding, layout and more.

The open source community offers a huge array of applications for Web developers. These open source tools have matured to the point where they often are more widely used than their popular commercial, closed source counterparts. Some don't even have any real closed source competitors.

In her Datamation article 56 Open Source Replacements for Popular Web Development and Design Tools, Cynthia Harvey pulls off the increasingly difficult task of sorting leading open source Web development tools -- all 56 of them -- into categories. To give a sense of just how far these tools have come, she writes:

Some blogging platforms are robust enough to build an entire site. Content management systems often have some features you usually find in Web app development frameworks, and text editors begin to look more and more like full integrated development environments (IDEs).

By the end of the article, Harvey has divided the 56 tools into 14 Web development categories, providing the commercial counterpart for each tool.


Read the full story on Datamation:
56 Open Source Replacements for Popular Web Development and Design Tools

This article was originally published on Wednesday Dec 15th 2010
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