Creating Internet Shortcuts with VB5/6

by Chris Eastwood

This code sample shows how to create Internet shortcuts in the users favourites and desktop folders

Author: Chris Eastwood
Author's WebSite: http://www.eastwood60.freeserve.co.uk

This article builds on the code detailed in Accessing the Special Folder paths

By utilising the class module from that article it is possible to create internet shortcuts and any other kind of file in the specified folders.

The example code in this download shows how to create an internet short-cut file in either the users favourites folder, or their desktop folder.

An internet shortcut file is basically a text file with an ini-file structure. An example internet shortcut file could be :

Filename=CodeLibrary Homepage.url


Download Zipped Project file (8k)

Posted On: 26-Aug-1999

This article was originally published on Thursday Aug 26th 1999
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