Adding Events to the NT Event Log

by Sam Huggill

Adding events to the NT event log.

Windows applications typically write to the NT event log to provide the user with useful information. In VB5/6, the App object now provides methods to make writing to the event log in Windows NT a snap:

'-- Start Event Logging
Call App.StartLogging("", vbLogToNT)

'-- Log Events to NT
Call App.LogEvent _
("Info", vbLogEventTypeInformation)
Call App.LogEvent _
("Error", vbLogEventTypeError)
Call App.LogEvent _
("Warning", vbLogEventTypeWarning)

Be aware though, these functions will only work in the compiled EXE. They will be ignored in design mode. Check out the Microsoft knowledge base article Q161306 for more information.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 20th 2002
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