VB Coding Tip: Using the Progress Bar to Measure Action

by Alan Young

Keep your users happy with this practical tip to add the progress bar to your apps, from Alan Young.

In creating a program recently, I wanted my VB 5 progress bar to show action, rather than percent complete. So I came up with a technique where I initialize:


Then in a later loop where I am displaying progress as I move through a file, my code says:

ProgressBar1.Value=X mod 1000

X is a count of records read from a file, which I have no way of knowing the number of records beforehand. This way, using MOD, I never have an out of range error in setting the progress bar value. Once the number of records is over 1000, then using MOD, the progressbar is reset to 0.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 19th 2002
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