Book Review: GUI Design Essentials

by Sam Huggill

GUI Design Essentials The essentials of what you need to know if you are making a Graphical User Interface.

The writers of GUI Design Essentials, all of whom have many years of experience in interface design and research, teach you how to plan, test, and construct successful Windows interfaces--ones that have a sensible structure, simplify user interaction, and have an attractive appearance without distracting the user. The book is peppered with tips on how to address users' needs and your design goals at the same time, and plenty of screenshots of good interfaces illuminate the writers' advice. Extensive coverage of Web- site design and online help is included. An appendix sums up the writers' design guidelines on windows, dialog boxes, menus, buttons, check boxes, tables and lists, screen layout, fonts, color choices, color combinations, graphics, Web-site design and navigation, online help, wizards, and more. This is a fantastic book for interface designers--and for developers and artists who are faced with the task of designing the perfect interface for any project. A CD-ROM includes the contents of the book in Microsoft Word 7.0 and Adobe Acrobat 3.0 formats.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 20th 2002
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