Book Review: Game Developer's Marketplace

by Sam Huggill

Game Developer's Marketplace If you're writing games, check out this book.

This hands-on "Marketplace" guide is packed with insider tips, techniques, resources, and time-proven advice from industry experts. Key topics featured include how to find jobs in the interactive gaming field, how to start your own game company, how to protect your ideas and creative properties, how to find talented people to work on your creations, how to design killer games, how to negotiate contracts that work, and much more. Cover Title.

Game Developer's Marketplace is the premiere resource for people thinking about or actually producing electronic interactive entertainment. From idea generation and conceptualisation to design and development, Game Developer's Marketplace has the information to point you in the right direction. Whether you're looking for an overview of the game industry, or diving in head-first on your first or tenth project, this is the book you want by your side!

This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 20th 2002
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