Book Review: Ready-To-Run Visual Basic Code Library

by Karl Moore

Ready-To-Run Visual Basic Code Library Can't be bothered churning out another window full of code? Take the easy route - copy and paste! In this review, we check out a book that claims to be packed with timesaving tips and ready-to-use code. But is it suitable for all?

Can't be bothered churning out another window full of code?

Here to help is the Visual Basic Ready-to-Run Code Library, from Rod Stephens.

The book costs #32.50 / $49.99 and comes packed with 173 tips broken down into nineteen separate categories from the network to numbers, timers to text boxes, forms to formatting.

After spending a few days using the book, I have to praise the excellent presentation. The publication is very easy-to-read and well organised, with descriptions, difficulty ratings and VB version information next to every single snippet.

And if youre looking to really streamline your arrays or need to know how to chop up strings in the quickest time possible, you'll find the optimisation tips scattered around the book darn interesting.

However a number of the provided code snippets will prove quite a mundane read for the more advanced developer. I personally went through every chunk of code and only found one (an API call) that I wasn't aware of or couldn't figure out within a few minutes.

But users of earlier versions of Visual Basic might find this title a bit of a Godsend. Inside youll find tips for versions 4, 5 and 6 with particular reference on how to code the new Visual Basic 6 functions in earlier versions.


All in all, a well-organised publication that proves a good read and handy reference piece for beginner to intermediate programmers. But if you're bordering on the advanced side of things, steer clear and save those pennies.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 20th 2002
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