Three Steps to Zen for the Overworked Developer

by Glen Kunene

Any developer who survives a layoff usually faces a significant increase in workload. These three immediate steps can improve a developer's work situation after others are let go.

How does a beleaguered developer deal with the increased workload after his or her organization lays off development staff? On one hand, any developer who survived a round of layoffs should be grateful to have a job. On the other hand, the projects, bug fixes and on-call responsibilities that get piled onto his or her workload as a result can seem unfair.

In his Datamation article Are Developer Workloads Increasingly Unfair?, Eric Spiegel offers three immediate steps a developer can take to improve his or her work situation after a major layoff. He writes:

What if you could reclaim your soul and make your job more bearable? There may not be a remedy for getting executives to turn the hiring faucet back on, but you can change the way your team works together to lessen the stress and deal better with the workload.

The keys according to Spiegel are improving time management, refining process, and streamlining communication.


Read the full story at Datamation:
Are Developer Workloads Increasingly Unfair?

This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 17th 2010
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