Should Software Developers Discuss Religion at Work?

by Developer.com Staff

Tim Tebow isn't the only one who thinks Jesus helps him do better at his job. Is it okay for like-minded developers to proselytize in the workplace?

Eric Spiegel recounts the story of a fellow software developer who started a 7:30 am prayer meeting at work. Although the developer was always polite and didn't push non-believers to join, Spiegel felt uncomfortable with the intrusion of religion into work.

The final straw came when a new manager encouraged the development staff to attend the prayer meeting and said that she believed strong religious beliefs made for better developers. Although Spiegel didn't attend the prayer meetings, other developers did -- and received promotions soon after.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has received a lot of attention lately for being very open about his religious beliefs. What do you think -- is it OK for developers to follow Tebow's example and talk about their religious views in the workplace?

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 25th 2012
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