What Job Hopping Really Says About a Software Developer

by Developer.com Staff
What Job Hopping Really Says About a Software Developer

Why hiring managers should not hold a job-hopping work history against a software development candidate.

Software developer Eric Spiegel is on his twelfth job in 22 years and has absolutely no regrets about his "job hopping" career. But he hesitates to advise young developers to follow his career path because he believes hiring managers hold a negative view of "job hoppers."

In his Datamation article, The Truth about Job Hopping Developers, Spiegel argues for a new assessment of the developer job candidate who hasn't stayed at any one company for more than about two years. He writes:

...hiring managers have unrealistic expectations of "loyalty" and should instead focus on "commitment." Instead of being impressed with someone who stayed with a company for many years, focus in on whether or not a software developer successfully completed a quality job on time.

Read Spiegel's essay to find out how he differentiates between loyalty and commitment.

Read the full article at Datamation:
The Truth about Job Hopping Developers

This article was originally published on Tuesday Apr 10th 2012
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