Interest in iPad Development Declines Slightly, but Remains Strong

by Developer.com Staff

A recent developer survey shows increased competition for iPhone, and a slight drop in interest in iPad as a development platform.

The Mobile Developer Survey, conducted in March by Appcelerator, shows that interest in iPad development has tapered a bit since January, but remains strong. 80% of developers surveyed said they were "very interested" in developing an iPad app within the year, down from 90% in January. 53% reported being very interested in iPad as a development platform.

With 87% of developers very interested, iPhone is in the lead, but competition is increasing. In particular, Android, at 81%, is not far behind. In two months, interest in Blackberry development has doubled, reaching 43%, and interest in Windows Phone development has nearly tripled, reaching 34%.

Interest in iPad development appears to be strongest among small businesses. 54% of companies with 10 or fewer employees, as opposed to 36% of companies with over a thousand employees, reported being very interested in iPad development.

Image courtesy of Appcelerator

This article was originally published on Monday Apr 19th 2010
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