Survey Says Modest Declines for IT Salaries in 2009

by Developer.com Staff

Surprising no one, IT salaries in 2009 are undergoing a contraction – so far modest – as the economy grapples with a deep downturn.

The Janco survey, which culled data from more than 800 organizations and 50,000 respondents, indicates that positions across the IT industry saw declines. The steepest salary declines were seen among executives and middle managers at mid-size companies, while staffers at both large and mid-size firms saw comparatively smaller pay drops.

Median salaries for IT shows a change of -2.07 percent, with midsized executive salaries dropping almost 3 percent.

For a Director of Systems & Programming, the change in salaries went from a base salary of $120,206 (Total compensation of $131,498) to $118,812 (Total of $129,738). This is a drop of –1.34%).

This article was originally published on Sunday Dec 6th 2009
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