Top 10 Associative Array Tips for PHP

by Glen Kunene

Here are 10 tips and tricks for effectively manipulating arrays within PHP applications.

Like any other programming language, PHP supports associative arrays -- an indispensable data type for describing a collection of unique keys and associated values. In his PHPBuilder article 10 PHP Tricks for Associative Array Manipulation, Jason Gilmore writes:

Associative arrays are so central to the task of Web development that PHP supports dozens of functions and other features capable of manipulating array data in every conceivable manner.

With such extensive support, trying to figure out the most effective way to manipulate arrays within PHP applications can be overwhelming. Gilmore's article offers 10 tips that can help PHP developers slice and dice their data in countless ways, including adding and removing array elements and merging arrays.


Read all 10 tips at PHPBuilder:
10 PHP Tricks for Associative Array Manipulation

This article was originally published on Monday Dec 13th 2010
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