MVC Basics for the PHP Developer

by Glen Kunene

Here's everything a PHP developer needs to know about MVC -- the Model-View-Controller pattern -- in the simplest possible way.

The MVC (or Model-View-Controller) design pattern promotes the fundamental principle that the logic of an application should be separated from its presentation. While many PHP developers have been interested in implementing the principles of MVC in their development, finding useful information about MVC and PHP on the Internet is not always easy for the uninitiated. Many tutorials either use terms like business logic without really defining them or simply gloss over what a design pattern is.

In his HTMLGoodies article Principles of MVC for PHP Developers, Vincent Wright attempts to explain everything PHP developers need to know about MVC in the simplest possible way -- drawing on his 3-plus years of developing scalable, RAD PHP Frameworks. He writes:

What I have learned about MVC ... is that it is very powerful, scalable, clean, and if well-coded, robust. The reason that such respected frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Zend Framework use the principles of MVC alone should be a hint that there is something special involved here.


Read the full story at HTMLGoodies:
Principles of MVC for PHP Developers

This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
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