Top 10 PHP Tools for Boosting Productivity

by Jason Gilmore

These 10 productivity-boosting PHP development tools will free you from menial, repetitive tasks, making you more efficient.

Streamlining and automating the menial and often repetitive tasks of PHP development, such as manual code testing and deployment, will make you a more efficient programmer. Luckily, a number of PHP development tools can help you extend your quest for efficiency to all parts of the application lifecycle.

In his PHPBuilder.com article, Jason Gilmore introduces you to ten PHP development tools that will help you do exactly that, including:

  1. PHPUnit
  2. Phing
  3. GitHub
  4. FirePHP
  5. XDebug

Read the entire list at PHPBuilder:
10 Productivity-boosting Tools for Your PHP Development

This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 25th 2010
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