A Workaround for XML Files Too Big for Ajax to Handle

by Octavia Anghel

Learn how to transfer huge XML documents in PHP via a Web interface using Ajax and the GET method.

A simple way to transfer XML documents onto a server is to use an Ajax-driven Web interface to upload the files. However, this approach won't work for huge XML files because Ajax doesn't support uploading of files that large. In her PHPBuilder.com article, Octavia Andreea Anghel demonstrates an innovative solution for transferring huge XML documents on the server via a Web interface using Ajax and the GET method. The solution works like this:

  1. Transform the XML documents into a character string.
  2. Split the character string into equal chunks (400 characters).
  3. Save each chunk as a value in an array.
  4. Transfer the chunks one by one using the Ajax mechanism into the final XML document.

Read the full story at PHPBuilder:
Transferring Huge XML Documents in PHP with an Ajax-driven Web Interface

This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 11th 2010
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