Connecting Your Zend Framework Application to Microsoft Azure

by Jason Gilmore

Store your PHP application data in the cloud using the Zend Framework and Microsoft Azure.

The PHP support in Microsoft's Windows Azure Platform was further strengthened last month with the release of Zend Framework 1.10, which includes native Azure support via the Zend_Service_WindowsAzure component. As with any cloud computing service, the success of Azure is going to rest largely on the ability to interoperate within even the most heterogeneous environments.

Microsoft's interoperability efforts for Azure are indicative of this importance, with great strides being made to provide developers with the ability to connect not only .NET applications to Azure services, but also those built using languages such as Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

In his CodeGuru.com tutorial, PHP Guru Jason Gilmore explains how to connect your Zend Framework application directly to the Windows Azure cloud.

Read the full story at CodeGuru.com:
Connecting Your Zend Framework Application to Microsoft Azure

This article was originally published on Friday Apr 2nd 2010
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