ExpressionEngine Enhances PHP Content Management with Framework Flexibility

by Jason Gilmore

The stability of PHP content management with the flexibility of a web framework, that's what the ExpressionEngine PHP CMS has to offer.

After years of using PHP content management systems and a variety of custom-built PHP content management solutions, PHP Guru Jason Gilmore concluded that no solution effectively offered both the fundamental features of a content management system (CMS) and the flexibility of a web framework. However, working with ExpressionEngine fundamentally changed his opinion on the matter.

Although considered the latest entry to the crowded PHP content management system market, ExpressionEngine does differ significantly from other leading PHP content management systems in its licensing. Although a free version is available (known as the Core License), you can use it only in conjunction with "personal, non-commercial, and non-profit activities." For commercial purposes, you'll need to purchase a commercial license, which currently runs $249.95. But Jason Gilmore found that a small price to pay given the significant time that key ExpressionEngine features saved him. His PHPBuilder.com article about ExpressionEngine's PHP content management solution discusses these features in detail.

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ExpressionEngine Enhances PHP Content Management with Framework Flexibility

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 31st 2010
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