New Product Announcements: July 11, 2003

by Adam Hammer

Here's the scoop on what's new!

New products and updates are released everyday. You don't want to miss a cool tool that can save you hours of coding... or fun. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the current announcements. That is where Developer.com and Gamelan.com can help. We will keep you up to date on announcements geared towards the programmer market.


DB2 Cube Views


DB2 Cube Views better prepares complex information for analysis by business intelligence (BI) applications, enabling them to share information more easily with one another. For the first time, OLAP metadata can be created once and repeatedly shared among end users, programmers and diverse business intelligence applications during every phase of data gathering and analysis.


Version 4.0 of Jacada Integrator

Jacada Ltd.

Jacada Ltd. has released version 4.0 of Jacada Integrator featuring J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) support and powerful new Visual Data Modeling capabilities, which eliminates any need for custom coding.

Servertec Internet Server EJC Edition


Servertec Internet Server EJC Edition is a full featured Application/Web Server written entirely in Java designed to run on Snijder Micro Systems' EJC computers.

Using Servertec Internet Server EJC Edition developers can easily create Web-based applications for automotive, transport, enery management, medical equipment and industrial automation.

Language and Tools

Free Update for REALbasic 5

REAL Software, Inc.

The update specifically provides greatly reduced compile times when compared to REALbasic 5.1. This update is free of charge for all existing REALbasic 5 customers and can be obtained directly from REAL Software9s website.
REALbasic is available now starting at US$99.95 direct from REAL Software or at Apple Store, CompUSA, Fry9s and other software retailers. REALbasic Professional Edition, required for cross-platform compilation, starts at US$399.95 and includes extended functionality for database and team development. REALbasic 5 customers can download the REALbasic 5.2 update for free at


DriverStudio 3.0

Compuware Corporation

DriverStudio 3.0 is a suite of tools that accelerates the driver development life cycle and promotes the development of high-quality Windows device drivers. DriverStudio 3.0 now offers integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as well as with Visual Studio 6, making device driver development faster and easier. The DriverStudio suite of tools covers the entire driver development life cycle, helping device driver developers write, debug, test and tune high-quality driver code that meets strict quality standards for Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) driver certification.
DriverStudio 3.0 is currently shipping at a U.S. price of $2,499.

Open Source

Apache 2.0.47 Released

Apache Software Foundation

Apache 2.0.47 Major changes

Security vulnerabilities closed since Apache 2.0.46

  • SECURITY: Fixed a bug whereby certain sequences of per-directory renegotiations and the SSLCipherSuite directive being used to upgrade from a weak ciphersuite to a strong one could result in the weak ciphersuite being used in place of the strong one. [Ben Laurie]
  • SECURITY: Fixed a bug in prefork MPM causing temporary denial of service when accept() on a rarely accessed port returns certain errors. Reported by Saheed Akhtar . [Jeff Trawick]
  • SECURITY: Fixed a bug in ftp proxy causing denial of service when target host is IPv6 but proxy server can't create IPv6 socket. Fixed by the reporter. [Yoshioka Tsuneo ]
  • SECURITY: Prevent the server from crashing when entering infinite loops. The new LimitInternalRecursion directive configures limits of subsequent internal redirects and nested subrequests, after which the request will be aborted. PR 19753 (and probably others). [William Rowe, Jeff Trawick, Andri Malo]


Python 2.3b2

Python 2.3b2 has been released (29-Jun-2003). They encourage you to test your applications with this release, as they plan on a final Python 2.3 release by early August.

EVMS 2.1.0

EVMS team

The EVMS team is announcing the next major release of the Enterprise Volume Management System. Package 2.1.0 is now available for download. This release is for the new EVMS design, which is based on user-space volume discovery and communication with existing kernel drivers, such as MD/Software-RAID and Device-Mapper.

Out-of-the-Box 2.1

This version marks the first release to fully support LAMP developers. With PHP, phpMyAdmin, phpBB, Python, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CVS, and more, every LAMP developer will feel right at home in the environment delivered by Out-of-the-Box 2.1 In addition to updating dozens of projects included in the second major release, Out-of-the-Box 2.1 includes the following:
* PHP, phpBB, and phpMyAdmin for LAMP developers
* Support for Red Hat(r), SuSE(r), and Mandrake(r) Linux(r) distributions
* Oracle(r) and DB2(r) integration for JBoss and the sample projects
* Enhanced database selection and semi-automatic switching after installation
* Significant updates for Apache, JBoss, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Struts, and more

NDoc version 1.2

A beta of the latest version of NDoc, the .NET Code Documentation Generator, has been released. The new features include: - new HTML Help 2 documenter (beta version), - new HTML Linear documenter (alpha version), - the MSDN documenter can now generate CHM or Online documentation, - option to link to the .NET Framework SDK v1.0, v1.1 or MSDN Online - support for Visual Studio 2003 and the .NET Framework 1.1, - plus many improvements and bug fixes...


802.1x Test Kit

QA Cafe

QA Cafe announced the EAPOL (Extensible Authentication Protocol over Local Area Networks) test suite Thursday at the 802.l1 Planet Conference and Expo here in Boston. It provides test coverage of the EAPOL, or 802.1x, protocol along with specific EAP types including EAP-MD5 and EAP-TLS.

According to QA Cafe, network vendors can verify the readiness and robustness of 802.1x-enabled devices using a combination of functional test, system level tests and denial of service attacks.

In a separate announcement, the company said that both the new EAPOL suite and its CDRouter test suite now support dynamic WEP when running 802.1x over wireless networks, allowing vendors to verify that their network remains secure and operational when dynamic WEP is deployed.

This article was originally published on Friday Jul 11th 2003
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