Using Maven to Build a NetBeans 6.9 CRUD Application

by Glen Kunene

Use the NetBeans 6.9 Maven support to create a new NetBeans Platform application with CRUD capabilities.

NetBeans 6.9 provides new support for Maven, including capabilities for building Maven Web applications, Maven enterprise applications, Maven EJB modules and so on. In his JavaBoutique tutorial Building a NetBeans CRUD Application with Maven, Constantin Marian Alin provides step-by-step instructions for using the Maven build framework to create a simple NetBeans Platform application that can create, read, update and delete from/to a database.

Using a demo application called Tennis World Cup, Constantin explains everything involved in:

  1. Configuring Maven for NetBeans
  2. Creating the NetBeans platform application project and NetBeans module
  3. Adding the module as a dependency
  4. Branding the project
  5. Connecting the application to a database
  6. Running the application

When completed, your application will be able to read and write tennis player details from a database (PostgreSQL, in this example).


Read the full story at JavaBoutique:
Building a NetBeans CRUD Application with Maven

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 19th 2011
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