Oracle Continues Java Developer Training with Certification Programs

by Glen Kunene

Some have worried how Oracle might manage Sun assets such as its Java developer education programs. Find out how Oracle laid those fears to rest.

One of the assets that Oracle acquired when it purchased Sun Microsystems last year was Sun's array of Java training programs for developers. Sun had administered Java certifications and courses for many years and some were anxious about about how Oracle would handle them.

In the article Oracle Certification Program Incorporates Developer Training Lineup for Java, education.internet.com caught up with John Hall, senior vice president of Oracle University, to find out whether Oracle would continue to offer a high level of Java education for developers.

Hall reaffirms Oracle's commitment to support Java training and certifications, telling education.internet.com: "Java developers can take many certifications at hundreds of centers worldwide."

The article also reports on the message Oracle delivered to the 10,000 or so Java professionals who attended the JavaOne Conference last month regarding Java education.


Read the full story at education.internet.com:
Oracle Certification Program Incorporates Developer Training Lineup for Java


This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 26th 2010
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