Useful Resource: JQA (The Java Quality Assurance Solution)

by Earthweb Staff

We pick our favorite user-submitted resource of the week. This week it's a QA tool for working with Visual Age for Java.

This week, our favorite resource from our Web Resources and Downloads directories is JQA (The Java Quality Assurance Solution) from publicspace.net, a code metrics add-on for IBM's Visual Age for Java. "JQA provides detailed quantitative data about the overall quality of the code and allows quality baselines to be established," according to its creators.

As they remind us, software developers are individuals who each have different views as to what exactly constitutes quality code -- truer words were never spoken.

The people at publicspace.net say JQA offers developers and managers alike a solution to such subjective interpretation with "a quick and easy way of objectively assessing the quality of their code... based on hard quantitative data, leaving no room for subjectivity."

Selling for as little as US$10, it may well be worth an objective analysis of your own.

This article was originally published on Friday Jan 25th 2002
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