New Product Announcements: May 7, 2004

by Adam Hammer

Our update on new products, betas, and partnerships that effect the programming community.

Last week was the The Open Group Architecture Practitioners Conference, where Popkin announced that some of it's software would support TOGAF. On the same day as the conference, The Middleware Company and Developmentor announced a "communication and education alliance."


System Architect will offer support for The Open Group's Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Enterprise Edition

Popkin Software

TOGAF Version 8 is an open-standard framework and method providing guidance for developing an organization.s enterprise architecture. The resulting architectural artifacts and organizational disciplines derived from TOGAF 8 implementation enable the organization to be agile, predictable and accurate in the use of its IT facilities to meet new business requirements. Popkin has announced the support at The Open Group.s Second Architecture Practitioners Conference in Brussels this past week.

Shunra\Stratus 2.0

Shunra Software Ltd

This latest release delivers enhanced flexibility enabling developers to perform unit testing under the accurate and true-to-life network conditions. Shunra\Stratus gives developers the ability to record and playback the production environment directly from developers. desktops. Alternatively, developers can still work collaboratively, sharing pre-defined network scenarios, or work in stand-alone mode and manually enter or adjust basic network parameters themselves.


TX Text Control .NET 11.0

TX Text Control

TX Text Control .NET 11.0 benefits from the new object oriented design of Visual Studio .NET, thus enabling developers to program more effectively and shorten development cycles.
New and Updated Features:
- Nested Tables
- Multi-level Undo and Redo
- Improved PDF Export
- Improved JPEG Export
- Improved Ruler Bar

Web Services

Uniface 8.4


Compuware Uniface's SOA approach can help reduce development time by shielding programmers from application complexity and allowing them to build more generic, reusable services that unite and interact with many different platforms, applications and technologies. New to Compuware Uniface 8.4 is a Web services call-out functionality that allows Compuware Uniface applications to consume Web services. Implemented through XML and SOAP, the industry standards for Web services, this new feature makes Compuware Uniface capable of both provisioning and consuming Web services for a complete SOA approach. By enabling migration to SOA, Compuware Uniface 8.4 provides an environment to architect and deliver enterprise applications.

WASP UDDI 5.0 Beta

The Systinet Product Team

** What's new in WASP UDDI 5.0 beta **
- Full support for the OASIS UDDI v3 specification - Full support for digital signitures
- Support for policies
- Extended Discovery Fucntionality
- Subscriptions API
- Support for multiple registries
- Human-Friendly, URI-based keys
- Customizable UI

LinkFreeze 1.1

Helicon Tech

Many webmasters are dependent on dynamic links in order for their sites to be efficient. Dynamic links are ubiquitously used for forums, e-catalogs, news and other frequently updated web site sections. However, search engines either completely ignore these pages or grant them low page rank, which results in little or no search engine visibility. With LinkFreeze any webmaster can continue using dynamic links without any repercussions from the search engines.


The Middleware Company and DevelopMentor announcing their community and training alliance

The Middleware Company

The two companies, formerly competitors, will now collaborate on joint marketing, sales, lead generation and membership activities. As part of the alliance, The Middleware Company will exclusively host, manage and promote DevelopMentor's online community elements including the DevelopMentor Resources area technical content and discuss.develop.com on TheServerSide Communities. DevelopMentor will acquire and integrate The Middleware Company's training business including EJB for Architects, EJB Essentials, J2EE Design Patterns and J2EE Essentials into its offerings. In addition, DevelopMentor and TheServerSide Communities will collaborate to produce online course services including course-specific discussion forums and resource areas as well as new and unique technical content such as books, whitepapers and sample applications.

This article was originally published on Friday May 7th 2004
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