Weekly Update on Available JSRs: Java Specification Requests

by Developer.com Staff

Each week Gamelan updates you on the JSRs are currently available for review. The JCP welcomes your input.

Here is our weekly update on JSRs. The JCP is an open group with over 300 registered individuals and companies currently participating as members. While membership will give you additional rights and privileges, all Java programmers are welcome to view and comment on Java Specification Requests (JSRs). Visit the organizations's home page at www.jcp.org.

New JSR-000121 - Application Isolation API Specification

An API for initiating and controlling computations isolated from each other to varying degrees. Some API semantics are similar to those of ThreadGroup.
(Close of Public Review: March 18, 2003)

This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 26th 2002
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