How a Java Developer Can Build a Windows Phone 7 Application

Tuesday Oct 26th 2010 by Glen Kunene

Want more distribution for your Java mobile app? Learn how to translate your Java skills onto the Windows Phone 7 platform.

If you're a Java developer who's writing mobile applications, you probably want to get your apps on as many phones as possible. The newest mobile platform on the scene, Microsoft Windows Phone 7, offers compelling features for consumers and developers alike. But how can a Java developer get on it?

In his Microsoft-sponsored article, The Java Developer's Guide to Building a Windows Phone 7 Application, Chris King walks Java developers -- even those with no prior knowledge of Windows mobile development -- through the creation of a Windows Phone 7 application from start to finish. He covers everything from acquiring the developer tools through writing a functioning mobile app that uses UI controls to flip between a series of images. He writes:

If you have previously written Java code, whether for mobile devices, desktop apps, or servers, your background in object-oriented programming will prepare you well for writing great apps in Windows Phone 7. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easily you can start building software and how good the results look.


Read the full Microsoft-sponsored article on DevX:
The Java Developer's Guide to Building a Windows Phone 7 Application


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