Application-centric Cloud Management for J2EE Apps

by Glen Kunene

Find out what application-centric management is and how to apply it to J2EE applications in the cloud.

What constitutes application-centric management when dealing with complex J2EE applications and workloads in the cloud? Essentially, it calls for your cloud management efforts to be focused on controlling:

  • All required resources as a unified system
  • The parameters for all runtime services as a single system definition

This approach, when properly applied, can ensure optimum performance for your cloud deployments. The IBM developerWorks article Enable application-centric cloud management offers a definition of application-centric-style management:

Application-centric management -- a top-down approach for cloud computing that means managing the services, software, infrastructure, middleware, network, and storage required for running the applications and workloads in the cloud from the application owner's perspective -- enables the user to manage all the required resources as a unified system for a given application.

The article goes on to present the three key steps to achieving application-centric management, and then demonstrates how to automate the deployment of a two-tier J2EE application in the IBM Cloud.


Read the full story at IBM developerWorks:
Enable application-centric cloud management

This article was originally published on Wednesday Dec 15th 2010
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