Apache Directory Studio: Simplified LDAP for Java Developers on Eclipse

by Glen Kunene

For Java developers who need to perform some LDAP manipulation and use Eclipse, the Apache Directory Studio plugins can come in very handy.

Every Java developer has suddenly had to perform a development or configuration task that he or she has never done before -- with no one available for guidance. In the ensuing panic, the developer can feel like their only options are either finding someone else to do the task or hoping a search engine returns a practical answer. When it comes to LDAP-related tasks, Eclipse IDE users have another option: The Apache Directory Studio plugin.

Apache Directory Studio can enable Java developers to become proficient with LDAP-related tasks quickly -- without having to add the process and memory overhead of another full interface. In his Java Boutique article, Apache Directory Studio Eclipse Plugin: LDAP Made Easier, Scott Nelson explains how to install and use the plugin for LDAP-related tasks. He writes:

The Apache Directory Studio plugins are a way for developers like me to run our own basic LDAP updates quickly and to become more familiar with advanced LDAP development simply and safely.

For those who are resource challenged, LDAP illiterate, or both, the Apache Directory Studio plugins provide an integrated and intuitive LDAP toolset inside the Eclipse workspace.


Read the full story at Java Boutique:
Apache Directory Studio Eclipse Plugin: LDAP Made Easier

This article was originally published on Monday Nov 29th 2010
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