Top 10 MySQL GUI Tools -- Plus One for the Command Line

Tuesday May 18th 2010 by Sean Hull

Here are ten outstanding graphical interfaces for MySQL management, development and administration, as well as one great MySQL toolkit with a wealth of command-line tools.

Most relational databases are designed to follow the two-tier programming model, having distinct components:

  1. The back-end -- where the data is warehoused
  2. The front-end -- a user interface for communicating with the data component

This type of design, which separates the data layer from the user interface, allows third parties to create rich applications to interact with various databases. In his DatabaseJournal.com article, Rob Gravelle lists ten outstanding graphical interfaces for MySQL.

This wealth of GUI tools help make MySQL a great database for web-facing applications, but its native tools tend to be a bit lacking -- requiring some shortcuts and hacks to get the most from the database. Enter Maatkit for MySQL, a great toolkit with a bewildering array of command-line tools that fill the gap where MySQL's native tools leave off.

Sean Hull's DatabaseJournal.com article explains how from data replication to query profiling and optimizing Maatkit has tools to make you smarter and to help you get your MySQL tasks done.

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