Yahoo Open Sources Screwdriver for Continuous Delivery

by Developer.com Staff

The tool could help enterprises using DevOps or agile software development approaches.

Amidst all the news about Verizon's buyout of Yahoo, Yahoo's developers have apparently been continuing to work as they have open sourced a tool called Screwdriver.cd, which assists with continuous delivery at scale. “Continuous Delivery enables software development teams to move faster and adapt to users’ needs quicker by reducing the inherent friction associated with releasing software changes,” blogged James Collins, senior director of engineering at Yahoo. “Yahoo’s engineering has modernized as it has embraced Continuous Delivery as a strategy for improving product quality and engineering agility. All our active products deliver from commit to production with full automation and this has greatly improved Yahoo’s ability to deliver products.”

According to Collins, “Screwdriver handles over 25,000 builds per day and 12,000 daily Git commits as a single shared entry point for Yahoo.”

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This article was originally published on Friday Jan 13th 2017
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