Windows 8 Won't Update Third Party Apps

by Developer.com Staff

  Experts say Microsoft is missing an opportunity to improve security for users.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 8 update mechanism will not be used to update third-party apps. "The wide variety of delivery mechanisms, installation tools, and overall approaches to updates across the full breadth of applications makes it impossible to push all updates through [the Windows Update] mechanism," blogged Microsoft's Farzana Rahman. "As frustrating as this might be, it is also an important part of the ecosystem that we cannot just revisit for the installed base of software."

Some experts say that updating third-party software, particularly Adobe software, could be a big boost for security. "I understand the thinking," said Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer for Qualys, "but at the same time, it's a little disappointing. Microsoft could collect a huge amount of goodwill by doing this, and it would be a huge leap for security."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Nov 17th 2011
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