Windows 10 Usage Doubles in 6 Months

Friday Jun 3rd 2016 by Developer.com Staff

But more than half of all PCs are still running Windows 7.

According to the most recent data from the United States Government's Digital Analytics Program (DAP), more than 25 percent of all Windows PCs have now been upgraded to Windows 10. That's significant because as recently as last November, Windows 10 had around a 13 percent share of the market.

Reports from Net Applications and StatCounter show similar increases over the past six months. Net Applications says Windows 10's share increased from 9.8 percent to 19.4 percent, while StatCounter says it climbed from 11.9 percent to 23.6 percent.

Windows 7 usage is falling very slowly, but it still accounts for more than half of all Windows PCs.

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