Windows 10 Boosts Windows Store Sales

by Developer.com Staff

This year's holiday transactions were double last year's.

According to Microsoft, the release of Windows 10 has had a dramatic impact on its Windows Store app marketplace. "Over 3 billion visits have been made to the Store since the Windows 10 launch," blogged Bernardo Zamora, director of the Windows App Store at Microsoft. "While Windows 8.x still accounts for the majority of Store downloads, Windows 10 users are the fastest growing download segment, growing both in volume and total percentage of downloads."

Zamora added, "This past holiday season we saw double the number of paid transactions for PC and tablet customers over the previous holiday season, and Windows 10 customer[s] generate 4.5x more revenue per device when compared to Windows 8."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Feb 9th 2016
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