Why Write Apps for the Pebble Smartwatch?

by Developer.com Staff

The company has an app store, but no way to monetize apps.

Smartwatch maker Pebble recently released an SDK and an app store, but so far, it hasn't provided a way for developers to make money from Pebble apps. So why should developers bother?

Pebble's developer evangelist Thomas Sarlandie recently did an interview with FierceDeveloper where he discussed that issue and many others. "What people are doing to monetize are charging for the iOS version of their app and having their Pebble app be one of the features. I see that as a perfectly valid business model," Sarlandie explained. "We're working on donations and are getting ready for the day where there are payments."

He added, "Once they've built their first app, [developers] realize it's quite simple. I would say in terms of development it's very similar to the iOS framework. A lot of developers started using Pebble just because they wanted to give something more to their users."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Feb 18th 2014
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