Why Some Countries Are Adopting Open Source More Than Others

by Keith Vance

Countries that adopt open source software are those with high levels of technical training, a general population that has access to the information society and governmental policies that encourage the use of open source software.

The CENATIC Foundation has a new report about how and why open source software is, or is not, being adopted globally.

Three factors impact whether a country adopts open source software:

  1. The government actively encourages and promotes the use of open source, as is the case in many European countries.
  2. High-level technical training
  3. The citizenry's access to the information society

For instance, in the cases of Brazil and India, CENATIC found a lot of open source software in use despite the population's poor access to the information society because Brazil and India have high levels of technical training.

Not surprisingly, the report found that "the United States, Australia and the Western European countries lead the development and adoption of open source software."

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This article was originally published on Monday Dec 27th 2010
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