Why Is Java Still so Popular?

by Developer.com Staff

Industry observers love to predict Java's demise, but the 19-year-old language isn't dead yet.

It's easy to find headlines and articles that proclaim "Java is dead," but the reality looks a bit different. On Dice.com, there are currently more than 17,000 postings for Java jobs, compared to just 2,500 related to iOS.

InfoWorld's Peter Wayner put together a list of twelve reasons why he thinks Java remains popular. Here's his list:

  1. Resiliency in the face of (often dirty) politics
  2. The magic of threads
  3. Java as first programming language
  4. (Close enough) cross-platform compatibility
  5. Sustained success on small chips
  6. Blu-ray
  7. Curly brackets just work
  8. Groovy
  9. The JVM
  10. The NoSQL revolution, built in large part on Java
  11. Minecraft hooks into postmillennial mind share
  12. Open source

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This article was originally published on Monday Oct 21st 2013
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