Which Tools Do Developers Really Use?

Monday Dec 12th 2011 by Cynthia Harvey

Google Analytics, Dropbox, MySQL and Git are big favorites among developers.

BestVendor.com has put out a new infographic that shows which tools developers are most likely to use in various categories. The results were based on data provided by 500 devs from around the world. The company notes, "There are clear winners for certain categories – database, storage and Web analytics. For the rest, it's hard to choose the one solution that's just right."

Top-ranking tools in each category include the following:

  • Website analytics – Google Analytics (used by 85 percent of those surveyed)
  • Storage – Dropbox (75 percent)
  • Database – MySQL (56 percent)
  • Version control – Git (53 percent)
  • Bug tracking – Jira (43 percent)
  • IDE – Eclipse (39 percent)
  • Text Editor – Text Mate (33 percent)
  • Framework – Ruby on Rails (28 percent)
  • Project management – Pivotal Tracker (23 percent)
  • Web hosting – Amazon Web Services (21 percent)

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