What Tools and Technologies Are Java Developers Using Now?

by Developer.com Staff

Kotlin, Spring and Intellij IDEA have a lot of fans.

RebelLabs has released its 2017 Developer Productivity Report, which surveyed Java developers about the tools, technologies and libraries they prefer to use. Here are some of the most interesting findings:

  • The technologies Java developers are most excited about are Kotlin, Docker and Java 9.
  • 46 percent of developers use the Spring stack, and 33 percent use Java EE.
  • When it comes to application architecture, 34 percent use split architecture, 25 percent use monolithic, and 23 percent use microservices.
  • The top IDEs are Intellij IDEA (54 percent), Eclipse (33 percent) and NetBeans (13 percent).
  • 63 percent of developers said they are happy with the technology choices they have made.

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This article was originally published on Friday Nov 17th 2017
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