WebGL Proponents Hope to Attract More Mobile Developers

by Datamation.com Staff

The open source standard holds out the promise of portable, Web-based, 3D mobile apps.

Those behind the WebGL standard hope to convince mobile developers to begin using the technology, even though there aren't many devices available yet which support the technology. "One of the points for launching this early is that we would like to get it out for application developers so they can start building WebGL applications and tailoring them for mobile," said Anders Isberg of Sony Ericsson, which is supporting the standard.

The primary argument in favor of WebGL is that it enables cross-platform 3D mobile development. With WebGL, "Suddenly, a whole new class of applications that people will pay more for, like games, will become viable for Web developers," explained Nicholas Allot of NquiringMinds. View article

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 24th 2012
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