Visual Studio 11 to Improve JavaScript Support

by Developer.com Staff

The next version of Microsoft's IDE will include improved IntelliSense auto-completion, plus better JavaScript debugging.

When Microsoft Visual Studio 11 debuts, developers should expect to see better JavaScript support, says Microsoft's Jason Zander. "The first thing you'll notice when doing JavaScript development in Visual Studio 11 is IntelliSense," Zander blogged. "After using it, you might forget that you're working in a dynamic language! The JavaScript editor has been completely rewritten on top of the same Chakra runtime that ships in IE10, which means that IntelliSense is more responsive, accurate and scalable than ever before."

In addition to the IntelliSense improvements, Visual Studio 11 will also include support for third-party JavaScript libraries, better JavaScript debugging through DOM Explorer and JavaScript Console, and support for remote debugging.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 22nd 2012
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