Ubuntu 11.10 to Ship with Qt

by Keith Vance

Nokia Qt is expected to ship with Ubuntu 11.10, and Ars Technica's Ryan Paul says this is a huge victory for developers.

Ars Technica's Ryan Paul said this week that Canonical's announcement that Qt will be a standard component in Ubuntu starting with 11.10 is a win for developers.

Paul said, "Supporting Qt out-of-the-box on Ubuntu could help bring more software to the platform and will help to accelerate third-party application development."

While the decision is not without its detractors, according Paul, this is a big victory for developers.

"As a third-party Linux application developer myself," Paul said, "I think that Canonical's support for Qt is a major win for Ubuntu users and developers. Qt has gained a lot of extremely powerful capabilities that accelerate application development and allow developers and designers to create richer and more expressive user interfaces."

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This article was originally published on Friday Jan 21st 2011
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