Uber Asks Developers to Build 'Trip Experiences'

by Developer.com Staff

The new initiative could give Uber riders something to do while they're in the car.

The ride-sharing service Uber is asking mobile development firms to create "trip experiences" for Uber passengers. The company wants developers to create add-ons for its mobile app that will provide information or entertainment for riders. "What if developers could also offer users of their apps new ways to enjoy themselves — or get stuff done — while they’re on the road?" blogged Uber's Chris Saad. "These integrations help make life simpler and easier for people to get around."

Developers will be able to submit their trip experience ideas to Uber, which will control which experiences will be featured on its app.

Uber is also currently conducting its first hackathon in Bangalore, India.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 13th 2016
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