Tor Project Seeks Donations to Fund Development

by Developer.com Staff

In the past, the U.S. government has funded the open source project.

The Tor Project, which offers tools for anonymous Web browsing and communication, has launched its first crowdfunding campaign. In the past, the open source project has received 80 to 90 percent of its development funding from the U.S. government. However, the project is rethinking that relationship after accusing the FBI of paying researchers to find ways to break Tor's security.

Laura Poitras, a filmmaker who made a movie about Edward Snowden, is supporting the crowdfunding effort, saying, "Edward Snowden would not have been able to contact me without Tor and other free software encryption projects. Journalists need Tor to protect their sources and to research freely. It is an essential tool, and it needs our support."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 25th 2015
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