Tizen OS Gains Momentum

by Developer.com Staff

More tech firms are signing up to support the alternative to Android.

You won't find Tizen, an alternative mobile operating system based on Linux, on any smartphones and tablets on store shelves, but action is underway behind the scenes to promote the OS. Thirty-six more companies, including eBay, McAfee, Panasonic, Sharp, and Nokia Here, have recently joined the Tizen Association. The group held its first ever Tizen conference this week in Korea, bringing together mobile development firms and technology firms interested in the platform.

Samsung, the primary backer of the OS, had previously promised to release a Tizen smartphone this quarter but has not done so yet. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, at the conference Samsung "made a pitch for developers to create apps for the mobile operating system that is yet to be seen in the market. Samsung promised to give out $4 million cash to the creators of the best Tizen apps."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 12th 2013
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