Tiobe: Go Now a Top 10 Language

by Developer.com Staff

A year ago, the Google-backed language ranked 55th.

Tiobe has updated its ranking of the most popular programming languages, and for the first time ever, Google's Go language has broken into the top ten. Before this month, Go's highest position was 13th in January of this year, and a year ago, it was way down at 55th. It is now 10th, ranking ahead of well-known languages like Perl, Swift, Ruby and Visual Basic. Go was Tiobe's language of the year for 2016.

This month's top 10 include Java (13.774 percent), C (7.321), C++ (5.576), Python (3.543), C# (3.518), PHP (3.093), Visual Basic .Net (3.05), JavaScript (2.606), Delphi/Object Pascal (2.49) and Go (2.363).

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 18th 2017
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