The Top Ten New Open Source Projects of 2011

by Developer.com Staff

Black Duck Software has published their annual "Open Source Rookie of the Year List," and it features several development tools.

Once again, Black Duck Software had put out its "Open Source Rookie of the Year" list. It bases the award on commits per day, size of the project team and the number of in-bound links to the project. The complete list (see below) includes several application development tools and PaaS tools.

  • Bootstrap -- a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of web applications and sites
  • BrowserID – an identity control system from Mozilla
  • Canvas – a commercial open source learning management system
  • CloudFoundry – Vmware's open source platform as a service
  • Moai – a platform for mobile game development
  • Mooege – an open educational game server
  • OpenShift – RedHat's open source platform as a service
  • Orion – a tool integration platform for Eclipse
  • Rstat.us – a microblogging tool
  • Salt – an open source configuration management and remote execution application

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This article was originally published on Friday Jan 20th 2012
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